Saturday, August 30, 2008

a long day at daycare

I had shed a near tear today as I dropped off my little girl for a big long day of daycare. Well, not daycare but the college dorms. In moments like these, the simple question becomes, “where did the time go?” That’s because like photos in a book next to each other, time is collapsed and moments merge together irrespective of time. Like the difficult times got lost between two bookends of "exceptional."

I am really proud of her. I love the way that we could talk. She even asked me to sit on her bed next to her while she wrote out a list. I love the way that she wanted me to hang around until six hours later I was the one who said, “I’m going to go back to the hotel now.” And I feel like the words that I said to her mattered. Like she was going to remember them.

What to be sure to look at when you become close to a man, and why get serious if you are not ready to get married and why get close to anyone who does not have these two needful things that I told her to look out for and meausre. And when you drink, drink responsibly so you don’t become addicted because it is easier than you think and alcohol is deceitful.

Yesterday she acted differently also when she didn’t stuff as much as she could into the shopping cart but carefully considered her purchases like it was her own money. “Help yourself,” I said. We didn’t find chopsticks at the Target but did see a lot of red shirts and beige pants and helpful people to assist. Need to get a CD player. And a photo book to put all the pictures that she carried along with her. And there in the dorm room today went up the picture of the six of us, on her wooden-appearing desk in the dorm room.

"I've decided I like my hair and its waves and the way they fall in front of my face."

"You are unique. You can point to the planet and know where you came from because there is only one place in the world with wavy, reddish blond hair and freckles." She pulled it back and put in the hair tie with satisfaction. "I'm American. I'll claim no other roots."

“Did you bring a Bible?” She wasn’t sure how to answer. Nodded yes, then switched it to a no. I told her how to find the Bible on line.

In the end, she walked away without hugging me, but I will see her in a couple of days and then I won’t see her for many months. Hugging would have been too difficult.

She is young and beautiful and has enough to carry herself through because God is faithful and He will be carrying her. He’ll do it for me.

“You’re preaching to the choir, Mom” she said to me when I told her one more time about Creation and how evolution is not scientifically logical or sound.

Time flew away these past 18 years but God holds the wind.

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Blogger Crown of Beauty said...

Hi, I couldn't help but shed a few tears as I read this post. I can definitely relate. I am a mother of three grown up children, one of them is a daughter. She lives on her own now, far from the city where I live (one hour away by plane), and I miss her very much.

I've visited your blog one other time, and looked around a bit. It is one blog that makes a lot of sense, and one that I will keep going back to for more. Thanks for being so refreshingly honest.

Someone sent me an I LOVE YOUR BLOG award... and to receive it I need to pass the award on to 7 others. Well, I am not really into reading a lot of blogs, only a few that have really caught my heart. Yours has. So I want to pass on the award to you. If you have a bit of time please drop by my blogspot and read my post for Sept. 1 I will list there the seven blogs that I am giving the award to, and the reason why. Hope this is okay with you.

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