Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Medical Director

So yesterday I got the official job of Medical Director.

Living a Dream
Yet it is me
Living a fantasy
Christ in me

Living with God
Walking along side with friends
Life is full and rich
The substance is in Him

So never let me forget
Don't let me go astray
With great things
comes the responsibility
to lay everything
at His feet

Christ will use me
As He wants
I let myself go
into the Potter's hand

God is wise and true
He is faithful and kind
He will hold on to me
and never let me go

At the end of time
I will see His face
Having accomplished His work
all by His hand of grace

We will meet there in the air
The Lord and I will know
That Christ in me
can do all things
and none of it
by my hand alone

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am risen.

Life does not consist in the abundance of circumstances. "This is eternal life, that they may know You," Jesus said to His Father, if I remember correctly.

I have a good life. But do you ever look around and get afraid? That is my problem this night, as I sit here in the middle of the night writing on my blog and feeling worried. What I did was take my eyes off of Christ.

I see my financial worries. I see things that hang in the balance. I see people that are in charge of things and wonder how I can trust them. I can't trust them. I rely on Christ. In Christ alone.

Remember Paul in the Bible and the thorn in his side? That thorn bothered him so much and it was so difficult for him. However, where in the Bible do we see that the thorn inhibited Paul's actual ministry in terms of God's work in and through Paul? God's work was done. Despite the thorn. The thorn limited Paul, not God. The thorn is a distant memory as Christ is exalted through the life that God exalted in Christ.

Tears came to my eyes now as I paused and as I redirected my mind and listened again to the words of the hymn, "In Christ alone" that is playing now on my Napster. God is so good to me. He is my reassurance. He isn't letting go. Yes, I worry. I worry when I listen to my husband's worries, but he is not looking to Christ. I look to Christ. God won't let go.

Dear God, the Almighty Father and Lord of the world,

This world may and will fail but You will never fail me. I hate being squeezed into the world's mold as I am working as an executive at the hospital. Yet, who am I to be self-righteous? Am I being squeezed away from Christ or is my eternal body, so to speak, is that the only thing that is changing? Lord, help me to be victorious! Though I become all things to all men in order to win some to Christ, let my testimony be unshaken. Purify Christ though me.

God, please don't let the finances fail. Equip my husband to do what You have called him to do and be. I know You run things. Don't let go. Continue to encourage me. Continue to hold me. Continue to maintain my house and home. Be with the doctor's BBQ next week at my house. Please don't let go of me or my ministries or work. Please use me like a bird called from far away to do Your work. Keep my eyes on You. Let me not lose my faith or the vision that You have just shown and given me. Lord, You are faithful.

Father, I have a beautiful office and home. I appreciate these things so much but I know that they are not the substance of things. The substance is Christ. The earth will be shaken from its axis one day, but You will never be shaken. The things of earth will pass away, but Your work will never pass away. Your faith. Your love. Your joy. My hope in You.

Fill me now with Your Holy Spirit to go on like I was before. Help me to pick up my feet and run again. Let me look to Christ, the author and finisher or my faith! “When fears are stilled and when strivings cease!” Fill me now as I go back to sleep and let me wake up refreshed in You for another day. Let me not look to the things of this world. You have never failed me! You have given me these things and though I can not trust in them, it is reasonable that You give us stability and we shouldn't fear that any day, and day by day that they are going to be wiped out, because then how could we not panic? It is the Father's responsibility to care for the needs of the children.

Oh Father! You are reassuring me, aren't You? That was the meaning, the assurance behind the tears I just cried. You will take care of my husband and it is appropriate that I am letting him find His way. You are in charge of the finances and I need to let him be the husband and provider and caregiver that You are letting him be without me going in and controlling and “fixing” things. Please don't let go God. Please be with us.

"No guilt in life, No fear in death, this is the power of Christ in me." Death of whatever. Death of God's things? Death of God's work? Death of the ministry that God has called us to? No. There is no fear of death. Christ took that away. He robbed Satan of the power of death! He stands in victory. Death has lost its grip on me. I am bought with the blood of Christ. His valuable blood. “Here in the power of Christ I'll stand.” By God's strength holding up every last fiber of my weak and corruptible body, Christ takes on incorruptible.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jesus Commands my Destiny

'Til He returns, or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I'll stand. Here I'll stand. In Christ alone."

I'm listening to Avalon, "In Christ Alone." Oh my, Oh yeah.

I haven't been sleeping a lot lately. 5-6 hours isn't enough for me, sometimes less, or more. I get worried about it sometimes, until I know and remember that God will give me all the strength that I need. I don't need too much of my own strength, my own energy. When I am physically weak, when I am emotionally frail, Christ can be strong.

"When fears are stilled, when strivings cease."

Important meetings today.

"Scorned by the ones he came to save."

I am blessed. I am not scorned. Yet let me not relax and begin to look to men for my comfort or reward. May God burst forth and bless my every meeting, my every conversation, seasoned with salt and a wonder to behold, that Christ is alive and works through me. That Jesus is my friend. May those who know my strength experience the life of Christ through me. May God be glorifed, and may He do what He wants. May my purpose be His, and His alone. My life yeilded for Him, spilled out. May He bless the hospital through me and may God alive come and may my boss, who knows my Hope, see the life of Christ literally transform the hospital and her day today.

"For every sin in Him was laid."

"There in the ground, His body laid... Then bursting forth in glorious day, up from the grave, He rose again. And as He stands in victory...For I am His and He is mine, bought with the precious blood of Christ."

"No guilt in life, no fear in death, this is the power of Christ in me, from life's first cry, to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny."

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Things look different now

Reviewing my entry from last week was really interesting, because I have grown from then to now and am a lot more whole and better. God has done so much in a week that I barely recognize myself. I am still the person that I wrote about last week. But I am better, victorious, enabled. It is good to see the situation for what it is sometimes. God has taken me past where I was and gave me a rock to place my feet and from there has let me climb higher.

Monday night is our Women's Bible Study at our home. I am really surprised because I think 7 people may be there.

So much I could write about. I am filled with so much that is happening. I can not contain everything.

Life moves on and sometimes it is confusing. Give it all to God and fly with Him!

I have a besutiful office in the center of the hospital that is the most beautiful office in the whole place. I have a boss with whom I trust and enjoy and who helps me to do what I do better. God has given me a ministry in psychiatry and caring for His people and I am in love with my husband. I do have problems and worries. Who cares? On the solid ground my feet stand. May God help me to stand.

"Now to Him Who is able to keep you from stumbling and Who is able to present you faultless and without blame before His glorious throne with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Savior Christ!" To Him be the praise and the glory. In Him is life and the light of men!

Dear Father,
My salvation, my King and Prince of Peace,
Take my life and fill me with Thy Holy Spirit. Let me not use my eyes to see, but let me follow Your voice of the comforting and guiding Shepherd. Father I pray for my one friend in particular that You would continue to do all that You have begun and do so with the force and might of a spiritual Niagra Falls. Thank You so much for Your grace and love. These substance of things are contained in You. The things that I enjoy that are of this world are a passing vapor and You are the substance. Bless my husband and family that I give to You. Bless my hospital and boss. Bring a great peace to each of the women in the Bible Study and do not let anything inhibit their attendance. Magnify Your word! Unite us together. Sanctify us in Thy truth. Protect us from the evil one and protect us in Your name! Amen.

Well Friends,
I guess I don't have a lot of spark in this blog, but I appreciate your presence and pray that God blesses you this day.

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